EyeblueTank is an elegant cloud storage.

Demo Online (username: demo password: 123456)


  • Support Docker
  • Support Sqlite
  • Installation package is about 10M, Support windows, linux, macOS
  • Support uploading, folder uploading, url crawl uploading, drag uploading, previewing, downloading, sharing
  • Support shared space, multiple users can manage files in the same space
  • Providing programming api, you can use EyeblueTank as other system's storage.
  • Support image cache, can reshape image by request params.
  • Support multi users, support user space limit.
  • Support i18n
  • Support Custom Preview

Software Infrastructure

Separate backend and frontend. Backend uses Golang and frontend uses React.



Domain Model

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Last Updated: 9/11/2023, 10:48:59 PM