2.0.x migration to version 3.0.x

Since the structure of 2.0.x file directory is organized according to timestamp order, 3.0.0 is organized according to the same physical directory as the Eyeblue Cloud Disk, so the structure of file storage is inconsistent. In order to make you transition to 3.0.x version more elegantly , the author specially wrote a migration tool, follow the following steps for migration.


  1. stoptank2.0.x
  2. installtank3.0.x,At least one super administrator already exists
  3. 2.0.xand3.0.xUsing the same database
  4. Execute the following migration command,Where YourUsername and YourPassword are the super administrator account passwords for Eyeblue Cloud Disk 3.0.x.Tank2.0MatterPathis mean the MatterPath of version 2.0.x,This can be found in the tank.conf file,,If this field is empty,For example, the installation directory for 2.0.x is/data/tank2.0,So use/data/tank2.0/matter.
cd tank 3.0.x installation directory
./tank -mode=migrate20to30 -username=YourUsername -password=YourPassword -src=Tank2.0MatterPath

The migration time will depend on how many files you have. Please be patient. if you want to check the migration process log:

cd tank 3.0 installation directory
tail -f ./log/tank.log
  1. After the migration, _20 is added to all user names of 2.0.x.
Last Updated: 7/11/2020, 11:48:52 PM